All the things

Chef Michelle Gayer of The Salty Tart was ready for big changes when she called us. She wanted a new look, a new website, and an updated online presence, so she hired us to make it happen. We started with a Creative Direction session to strategize and a photo shoot to capture her new vision, which was bright, modern and clean.

Nowadays, we stop in twice monthly to shoot in the bakery and also pick up a few goods to style in the studio to maintain that minimal style that defines The Salty Tart's channels. 

Michelle and her team are incredibly busy and don't have a lot of time to dedicate to social media, so they also enlisted us to consult on best practices as well.


Love from The SAlty Tart


“The professionalism and beauty in the photographs are consistent. You can feel the passion my staff and I have for our craft in the pictures they create.”

“Our regular photo shoots help keep the content seasonally current and relevant.”

“The style and aesthetic blends very well into our craft and vision of who we are and what we do.”

-Chef Michelle Gayer of The Salty Tart