Chef Daniel Del Prado’s breakout restaurant. Carefully selected a core team of talent - including Morgan Lent and Marco Zappia at the bar. Creating imagery for Martina was special, because it was a concept that was still being defined. Part Argentinian, part whimsical. The Restaurant Project helped define the sophistication that Daniel and his team had created. During their Catalog Shoot, we captured a sense of space along with some magical light to bring a certain mood to their images. Martina went on to be wildly successful after they opened their doors. The imagery that was created through The Restaurant Project went on to support the restaurant with many local and national press opportunities including Forbes 30 under 30, Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine, and XXXX.

We continue to work with the team as they open their second restaurant, Colita.

Love from Martina


Eliesa & her team, the Restaurant Project, grabbed us from that precipice & focused our confidence in a critical hour. They saw the vision, articulated it through their medium, and what we wanted to share became tangible. We became better because of them. We couldn't have hoped for a better partner and consider them a part of our family.

Opening a restaurant is terrifying. The construction is behind, you have an entire set of people that have put their lives in your hands, you're worried if anyone will come to your party. If they don't, the consequences of your actions will reverberate, it'll ring in your ear, and considering the possibility of failure is too much for one person to own. Self-consciousness comes at night and you wonder if what you want to say was even worth saying in the first place.

Whomever is reading this should rest easy and hold no reservations. They'll listen, they'll hear you, they will do for you what they did for us & materialize the dream that seemed lost. What they do is smart, elegant, and magical. We can't come close to expressing how wonderful the Restaurant Project is."

— The Martina Team