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Chef Daniel Del Prado’s breakout restaurant. Carefully selected a core team of talent - including Morgan Lent and Marco Zappia at the bar. Creating imagery for Martina was special, because it was a concept that was still being defined. Part Argentinian, part whimsical. The Restaurant Project helped define the sophistication that Daniel and his team had created. During their Catalog Shoot, we captured a sense of space along with some magical light to bring a certain mood to their images. Martina went on to be wildly successful after they opened their doors. The imagery that was created through The Restaurant Project went on to support the restaurant with many local and national press opportunities including:

We continue to work with the team as they open their second restaurant, Colita.

They were doing a beautiful job with the restaurant design and food, but that wasn't translating to their social media and website. Our Creative Direction Session helped them define their visual style. During their Catalog Shoot, we captured local ingredients, stylized plates and an intentional juxtaposition of light and dark moods. Those first images helped them update their online presence with the more modern look they were hoping for.

Love from Martina


“The pictures from our catalog have helped us dial in to our mission statement. In the past, our photography was too random and undefined. Now each photo says something to the viewer.”

“This is definitely worth the investment. We didn't have any experience with social media or photography, and having a professional team on our side is invaluable.”

“Having a shoot on a regular basis is great because we get to present items that are relevant to the restaurant right now."

—Chef Jim Christiansen of Heyday