Serving Happiness

Red Wagon started as a mobile pizza wagon, serving slices at community events, farmers markets and private parties. In 2014, they opened their brick and mortar location with family history ingrained into the space and recipes. Peter and Jacqui Campbell of Red Wagon Pizza are as much a fixture of their South Minneapolis neighborhood as their restaurant is. They are raising their children right down the street, and Red Wagon is a reflection of how deeply they care about their friends and neighbors.

Since we began working with Red Wagon in 2018, their team has put their full trust in us to tell their wonderful story through twice-monthly photo shoots as well as managing their social media presence. It’s given us the honor to dive into the history, personality, food and people behind this local destination. And it’s given Jacqui and Peter the opportunity to focus on what they do best—serve happiness!

Love from Red Wagon


“From our values to our individual swagger, The Restaurant Project goes beyond simply taking snappy pictures and videos. They beautifully craft images and our digital voice, to remind our consumers of what it feels to be within our four walls. It inspires new guests to come and be part of something we believe is pretty special.”

“The only regret I have in working with The Restaurant Project, is that I should have reached out to the team sooner.”

“The team at The Restaurant Project does not simply apply a pro-formula marketing template with the same stylized photos for each client. They have taken the time to get to know Red Wagon to the core.”

—Peter Campbell, chef and owner of Red Wagon Pizza Co.


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