Serving Happiness

Indeed Brewing is the original Brewery in NE Minneapolis. They aren’t the new guys anymore, but they are still at the top of their game. They are a leader in craft brewing, but also in bringing together community with their Indeed We Can program. Every Wednesday of the year, 100% of profits are donated to an employee-sponsored non-profit. It was this message that we hoped to set out and tell for Indeed. Through video and photos, The Restaurant Project has helped provide them assets to continue to tell a strong story about the brewery. It’s a favorite. It’s classic and their taprooms are warm and welcoming. Indeed says it best themselves: They believe innovation isn’t just one thing - it’s a culture created around good people, good beers and good experiences. ……

*Need to somehow incorporate that this is an established business that we were helping to stay relevant amongst the competition.

Love from Red Wagon


“From our values to our individual swagger, The Restaurant Project goes beyond simply taking snappy pictures and videos. They beautifully crafted images as our digital voice, to remind our consumers of what it feels to be within our four walls and inspires new guests to come and be part of something we believe is pretty special.”

“The only regret I have in working with The Restaurant Project, is that I should have reach out to the TRP team sooner.”

“The team at The Restaurant Project does not simply apply a pro formula marketing template utilizing the same stylized photos to each client. They have taken the time to get to know Red Wagon Pizza Co. to the core.”

—Peter Campbell chef and owner of Red Wagon Pizza Co.