General Questions

Q. Why do you charge what you charge?

Our pricing reflects years of experience and the many, many hours we spend planning, shooting, editing and working closely with each client to produce the highest-quality work. We are transparent about our pricing because we know what we do is valuable. Before we officially launched, we spent nearly a year making sure that our services were truly effective in building online community and driving sales. We made sure our subscriptions made lives easier, not harder (and that our clients felt the investment was well worth it). We made sure our strategy sessions left our clients feeling like they could take on the world. And we made sure our pictures were so beautiful that magazine editors couldn't ignore them.

Q. I feel stuck. I'm the chef and owner and I kind of run our social media, marketing and a bajillion other things. How do I keep up with this?

A. We know how overwhelming keeping up with social media and marketing can be, especially when you don't have enough hours in the day already. Our subscriptions are meant to take this one rather huge thing off your plate (the content), so that you can focus on everything else. And our Strategy Sessions are intended to help you find sustainable ways to approach these efforts—you'll leave with a plan of action that actually fits into your life.

Q. Will you just run my social media for me?

A. Yep, we can do that.

Q. What if I work with a PR or marketing agency? Can I still use you?

A. Absolutely! We love collaborating with other creative humans to help small businesses.

Q. How does the payment process work?

A. Depending on the services you sign up for, we will either bill you directly or get you set up with a schedule of auto-payments. You'll know exactly when your payments are due so there are no surprises. We also understand that it is important to keep your cash flow in mind, so we have a payment plan broken down to installments to help with that.

Q. Where will my photos and videos live?

A. We create a shared Dropbox folder so that you and anyone else on your team can access them easily from a computer or the app on a phone. We can walk you through it if you haven’t used Dropbox before.

Q. How do I prepare for my Creative Direction Session?

A. The only thing we really need you to bring is yourself (actually, just stay where you are because we'll come to your restaurant). We want to know what inspires you about your restaurant! We also want to know what you hope to accomplish with new imagery, whether that's starting from scratch or strengthening the visual identity you've worked so hard to build. We want to poke around a little bit at your restaurant for stories, the good light and beautiful details to capture later on.

Q. Did I read that I have full Licensing Rights to all of my photos + videos?

A. You sure did! You can use them across all areas of your business—on social media, your website, marketing materials, ads, media, etc.

Q. Can I use my photos for press opportunities?

A. Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! You will always have access to the high-res photos, which are perfect for magazines and other publications that might be interested in featuring your restaurant. The only thing we ask is that you include a photographer credit to us when you send the images to media outlets. If you're interested in getting more attention from the press, let us know — we'd love to help.

Subscription Questions

Q. What's better (and, ahem... cheaper) for my restaurant? The Once-Monthly or the Twice-Monthly Subscription?

A. Our two subscriptions are pretty even in terms of price and the number of images that you receive. We set them up this way on purpose so that you can decide what frequency really works best for your restaurant. Once we know more about you and your business, we can make a recommendation!

Q. Do I need to commit to a subscription?

A. Nope. Many of our clients who choose to start with one larger full-day or half-day catalog photo shoot do eventually become regular subscribers (and we hope you will too), but there's no obligation.

Q. Can I just do a month-to-month subscription?

A. Nope. We require 6-month contracts for our subscription services. If you want to try our services out before you commit, you are welcome to book a half-day or a full-day shoot to start!

Q. Can I switch my subscription from Once-Monthly to Twice-Monthly (or vice versa)?

A. Yes, of course! You can switch from one subscription to another at any time if your needs change. There's a little math and contract business involved, but we can cross that bridge together if the occasion arises.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. If you need to cancel, just let us know and your contract will not be renewed. You will be obligated to continue payment through the length of your contract, and we will continue to provide services for you through that period.

Shoot Days

Q. How do you schedule the photo or video shoots?

A. For the subscription services, we try to schedule out all shoot days through the length of your contract. These shoots usually take an hour or less and will happen both during slower hours and also during service.

For full-day or half-day photo and video shoots, we schedule shoot days at your convenience. We like to plan them in the morning or early afternoon when the restaurant is closed (or during a slow time) for the majority of the shoot, sometimes adding additional time during service to capture more action.

Q. How can my restaurant prepare for our photo shoots and video shoots?

A. Think ahead, and you'll get the hang of it in no time! You'll know when we're coming, so simply consider what dishes, drinks, scenes or members of your team you want to focus on. For quick one-hour shoots, we might capture the chef preparing a certain dish, the final plated dish, a new cocktail, a headshot for the new sous chef. You can always lean on us for inspiration and advice!

For longer days like Half-Day and Full-Day shoots, there's a lot more preparation involved on both ends. We typically schedule a pre-shoot meeting to run through the details and day-of-schedule in advance so we don't miss a thing.