Amazing photos and videos aren’t going to do you any good if they are just sitting in a Dropbox.

In addition to making you look fantastic on the internet, we also want to help you be fantastic on the internet.

In a more practical sense, we want to help you grow an online community that actually brings more people through the door of your restaurant.


Strategy sessions

Strategy Sessions are working sessions geared toward your needs. A basic first session might include an overview of social media best practices and content strategy tips to help you put all this new photography and videography to good use. We can assess your current social presence, help you understand your audience, define (or refine) your voice to align with your new look and share tools that will help you grow and engage with your community. If you already have the basics down, we can dive deep into a specific topic.


Social Media + Other services

Pricing between $1000 - $2000 / month

Do you need help building your website, coming up with punchy Instagram captions or reaching out to the press? If it has to do with food, marketing, social media and everything in between, we can probably help with that too.

(If we can't, we definitely know someone who can.)