What's Next?


We want to empower you to use this content to actually bring customers through the door.

This is what brings The Restaurant Project full circle. After the photos and videos are ready from your Catalog Shoot, we meet for your first one-on-one Strategy Session. We hate calling it a "boot camp," but it is basically a boot camp where we provide an overview of social media best practices and help you create an action plan for your imagery. In addition to this first session, we can also provide additional consulting and in-depth workshops for your team. 

Our Subscriptions are meant to take this one rather huge thing off your plate (the content), so that you can focus on everything else. And our Strategy Sessions are intended to help you find your legs when it comes to social media — you'll always leave with a plan of action that actually fits into your life..


Each of the following Sessions (~2 hours) involves a deeper dive into a specific topic, as well as some working time and follow up to actually help you implement what you learn. We'll assess your current social presence, help you define (or refine) your business's voice to align with your new look and share some tools that will help you grow your own online empire

$2600 Per Session

instagram strategy

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform, and should be an extension of your customer service and your marketing. Annie built @themidwestival community of 26K+, so she has a lot to share in this area.

influencer marketing

How to find and approach influencers, make friends and build valuable relationships. This kind of marketing is all about turning your Internet friends into online ambassadors for your business, and there's nothing like word-of-mouth when it comes to restaurants.

navigating online reviews

Learn how best to approach Yelp and other online review sites where your customers are talking about you. Annie worked for Yelp for nearly four years, so she knows this platform backwards and forwards.

facebook strategy

We'll take a good long look at the beast that is Facebook and help you develop a sustainable Facebook strategy that works with your schedule and staff.

press + interview coaching

Television appearance or interview coming up? We will help you prepare for the big day with a media training. Additionally, we'll run through a few tips on how to get more press attention without spending a cent.



We keep it fresh.

After your initial Catalog Shoot, we provide you with new photography on the regular. We tested our subscription-based services for over a year to get it right and came up with two easy options. All you need to do is choose which schedule works best for your business.