For the Quarterly Subscription, we schedule all four shoot days through the length of your yearly contract. Again, we do this so that everyone has plenty of time to plan accordingly on our end and yours. About every three months, we will be at your restaurant for a half-day shoot, usually in the morning to early afternoon when the restaurant is closed (or during a slow time). We'll incorporate styling elements for the upcoming season and refresh your catalog of imagery in one, half-day swoop. 


1. food

Prepare 4-6 food items that you'd like photographed. Show off what's new this season! If you also have certain ingredients or specialty items that your restaurant is highlighting bring it out!

2. Drink

Prepare 4-6 drinks you would like photographed (if any). If you want in-process shots of the drinks being made, get the ingredients ready to go so that we can capture this quickly.


Notify any new staff members that you would like photographed. Make sure they are dressed and ready when the shoot begins.


Create a list of new interior or exterior elements at your restaurant. This won't likely be on the shot list too often, but if you set up a new patio or changed up your artwork, we'll snag a picture.

5. Special Occasions

Create a list of any events, holidays or promotions coming up in the next three months that you need images for. If there is a certain dish, drink, or menu you will be featuring let's get you a photo to promote it!