1. The Delivery

150-200 Images from the catalog shoot are delivered through a dropbox link. The images are delivered in folders that are categorized to help keep everything in order. We provide high-res, editorial-quality images and videos, but also make sure you have web/social-quality files that are ready to post to when you are.


1 hour meeting to present photo + video and a 2 hours strategy session to learn how to use your content. We will go over each folder in our delivery meeting so you and your staff know where everything is.

3. The Strategy Session

We empower you to use this content to actually bring customers through the door with a 2 hour strategy session. After the 1 hour delivery meeting our social media strategist will stay with you to help you learn how to bring life to your website, social media, marketing, and advertising. We know how overwhelming keeping up with social media can be, especially when you don't have enough hours in the day already. Our Subscriptions are meant to take this one rather huge thing off your plate (the content), so that you can focus on everything else. And our Strategy Session is intended to help you find your legs when it comes to social media — you'll leave with a plan of action that actually fits into your life.